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The Accordius Respiratory Center (ARC)

Accordius now offers cutting edge pulmonary solutions to meet critical needs of the community and the state for care of patients who are dependent on mechanical ventilation but have the potential for weaning.

Our Pulmonologist are dedicated to the oversight of the Accordius Respiratory Center

ARC assures staff members are competent to deliver quality care.

ARC assists in determining appropriate admissions with direct patient assessments conducted by a licensed Respiratory Liaison.

ARC develops a weaning protocol specifically tailored to each individual patient.

ARC assesses each patient and documents within 48 hours of admissions and monthly thereafter.

ARC participates in planning for the long-term recovery and proper placement of patients.


Our Pulmonologist will establish an individualized plan for weaning with specific benchmarks and guidelines to establish critical metrics allowing for revision of the plan to optimize recovery. While the intended length of stay will not exceed 6 months, a patient who is progressing will be maintained until a determination is made that weaning is not probable.


Based on experience of our practitioners and industry specialists we use the Vivi 65 Ventilator with SPO2 and ETCO2 capability and AirVo 2 high flow humidifiers to assist the weaning patient by thinning secretions.

The Vivo 65 Ventilator is a compact design allowing patients the capacity to interact with physical and occupational therapy during the weaning process.

Repiratory Care You Can Depend On

At Accordius Health, our team of respiratory specialists is dedicated to the highest standards of respiratory care with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of patients suffering from debilitating respiratory illness of episodes. For clinical screening of your patient or loved one, please contact our Respiratory Liaison for an appointment.

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