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A 145-bed skilled nursing facility located in Statesville, North Carolina — a small homey town with a warm southern feel — Accordius Health at Statesville is celebrating nearly five decades of serving seniors with passionate and compassionate care. We offer stellar short-term and longterm care and are staffed with a team of full-time therapists who specialize in your rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide our residents with services designed to achieve the best possible health, level of function, and quality of life. We work hard to care for our residents the way we would want our family members cared for. And always, we believe that quality treatment requires a combination of”caring and curing”for the best outcomes.

Short-term care

Long-term care


Respite Care

Orthopedic Rehab

Intensive Therapy

What Makes Us Proud

5 STARS in all consumer reviews online

2017 deficiency-free survey from the NC Department of Health

Rates 65% better than the national average in pain management for both short and long-term care

See it Live

A Restful Retreat

Aesthetics at Statesville

Our facility has a rich history of serving the community’s health needs for nearly 50 years. Spend time with friends in our game room, relax at the coffee bar, or spend time with nature in our unique bird aviary or beautiful outdoor courtyard. Enjoy the exceptional warmth of the Statesville locals, who will greet you with southern hospitality, warms smiles, and hearty hellos.

Step into rooms that are designed for real living. Our up-to-date private and semi-private rooms are cable-equipped and offer TVs, bedside phones, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Our lounge offers an additional cozy spot for relaxing on your own or socializing with friends or family. Have a great time in our game room, relax at the coffee bar, or enjoy a hearty meal in one of our three large
dining rooms.

Delicious and Nutritious

Dining at Accordius Statesville

Is there anything more beloved than Mom’s cooking, or local mountain cuisine that transports you back in time? Our menu directly reflects our geographic location, featuring fresh, flavorful food. Every meal features two enticing entree options to ensure that you get the food you love.

Your health is important. That’s why we employ a dedicated dietary manager and a dietician who collaborate to develop nutritious meals that make your heart (and taste buds!) smile. You can expect your body to thank you — every day of the year. And for our traditional holiday feasts, we invite your family to join too.

Fun, Family & Friends: Living Life to the Fullest

Activities at Accordius Statesville

Specialized Activities

Our activities specialists excel in providing therapeutic programs that are meaningful and are patient-centered. These activities are not only fun for the residents but also provide a recreational outlet specific to their therapy needs. Our innovative, cutting edge programming provides alternatives based on their interest.

Trivia/current events

Community outings

Culinary classes

Art Classes

Musical Programming

Spiritual activities

Weekend activities



Resident council

Birthday parties

Thematic events


Community service/
community events

At Accordius Statesville, we truly believe in providing meaningful programming that enhances the quality of life for the young at heart in each of our communities.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw

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Spiritual Life at Accordius Statesville

At Accordius Statesville, one can choose to worship or not to worship.

On-Site Services

If faith is an anchor in your life and you would like to worship in a service of your choosing, our activities specialists will help guide you to services of your choice. Statesville strives to meet your spiritual needs and through our multi-denominational religious services and activities. Our activities specialists will coordinate with community religious leaders who are devoted to meeting your spiritual needs.

Be Kind!

At Accordius Statesville, we believe that our core values offer excellence in customer service. Our cohesive caring team puts kindness to our residents and staff as our first priority. You can rely on our empathy, knowledge, and integrity to provide thoughtfulness at every part of your stay.

Customer Service at Accordius Statesville

Maintaining impeccable customer service is easier when you hire the right people: detail-oriented folks who are powered by love and compassion.

The Accordius Welcome!

Expect a warm and friendly reception when you step through our doors. Our leadership team will meet you within 24 hours of admission to make sure that you’re comfortable and settled in.

The little things matter.

Don’t be surprised when our administrator and team or other community leaders check in on you...every day. Coffee? Snacks? Dishes that suit your dietary needs? We’ll go down the list to make sure you have everything you need.

Stay connected.

Follow the latest news and keep abreast of current events with free WiFi all hours of the day.


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