COVID-19 Vaccine Update | February 16, 2021

As our nation continues to progress toward herd immunity, accuracy of information is critical. We remain committed to our goal to ensure residents and staff members are provided credible resources and education to make an informed decision about their health care, including the possible risks and benefits of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Our industry relies on information from supporting regulatory agencies, healthcare associations and government programs. See below for access to some of these resources.

What to Expect After Vaccinations:
While experts learn more about the vaccines and how long immunity lasts we are advised to continue using all the tools available to protect each other from the spread of the virus. This includes:
  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others
  • Avoid crowds
  • Avoid poorly ventilated spaces
  • Wash your hands often

It is important to note that our State and Federal guidance has not changed and we continue taking all necessary precautions to further mitigate the spread of this virus. This includes guidance on visitation and leaves of absence; which remain to be determined on a facility basis while considering current outbreak status, community positivity rates, as well as through oversight from our federal and local regulatory agencies. Together, COVID-19 vaccination and following CDC’s recommendations for how to protect yourself and others will offer the best protection from getting and spreading COVID-19.

If a resident or staff member were unable to, or chose not to, receive the vaccine during the clinic series, they will have the option to receive the vaccine at a designated time in the near future through our pharmacy partnership. For information on what to expect after receiving the vaccine, click HERE for an informative document from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you have questions regarding a certain center’s processes, please contact your facility Administrator.

Public Resources:

For information and public access to COVID-19 vaccines click the state below.


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