Who we are

We’re a young, growing company with a fierce dedication to our facilities — and the people we serve.

Our agility, flexibility, and hands-on approach — developed through 25+ years of healthcare experience — has built us a stellar reputation, enabling us to regularly add facilities to our flourishing family.

Our Mission

We are committed to placing our residents at the center of their care, clinical excellence, and enhancing quality of life in long term care.

Our Culture

Our culture defines who we are as people working toward a common goal.

Great culture is truly the core through which we will achieve engagement, loyalty, and purpose for our work in skilled care.

No initiative, policy, or process will ever work unless we engage and believe in the purpose of meaningful work, the greater good of humanity, the radical changes needed for the industry to survive, and the important balance between business process and caring for people.

At Accordius, we believe in
open communication at every level.

All of our center leaders have open-door policies and everyone is often encouraged to ask our center administrators any questions related to our company at our monthly Town Hall or Family Meetings.

While there’s no shortage of opportunities to provide feedback, what truly empowers employees and customers to share is the confidence that their opinions are being heard and considered. Many internal policy changes and new initiatives have been implemented as a direct result of suggestions.

People before paperwork.
Care before corporate.
Relief before regulations.

Commitment to Excellence

Accordius Health is committed to providing medical care which meets the highest legal and ethical standards in the field.

Our corporate compliance program is designed to promote the prevention, detection, and resolution of any acts that do not conform to applicable federal and/or state laws, rules, and regulations.

We employ education, documentation, and reporting measures to ensure that our residents are treated with only honest and responsible care.

See something? Say something.

Corporate compliance hotline: